Research & Discovery

Petri dishes containing stem cells at a lab at UConn Health. (Elizabeth Caron/UConn Photo)

Scrutinizing Adult Stem Cells at StemConn

Adult stem cells may be the key to targeted regeneration of body tissues, according to researchers at the StemConn 2015 conference on Monday.

Of Scholars and Tapeworms

Alumni fondly recall hours spent in UConn's parasitology lab, where they discovered new species of tapeworms – and learned to be scientists in the process.

Megan B. Miller

Meet Megan B. Miller, a 2015 graduate from the Ph.D. program at UConn Health.

Sung-Yeul Park, recent winner of an NSF CAREER award, with an energy system model. Park specializes in developing “Smart Grid” systems capable of accepting energy from a wide range of power sources, including wind, solar, and fuel cells on April 20, 2015. (Christopher LaRosa/UConn Photo)

Five UConn Faculty Earn Prestigious NSF CAREER Awards

The awards provide financial support for five years to a highly competitive group of junior faculty to advance outstanding research and education.

‘Excellence Gap’ Robs Talented Students of Their Potential

While conventional wisdom may hold that academically gifted students can take care of themselves in school, a new report co-authored by UConn professor of education Jonathan Plucker reveals a starkly different story.

Fiber optic cable. (iStock Photo)

Ultra-High-Speed Broadband Bolsters UConn Research

The new network will facilitate data-intensive scientific research between UConn Health and Storrs researchers and their peers around the globe.

Diving for Data on Fish Populations

A UConn marine scientist is working in the waters off Costa Rica to build more accurate models of how fish may adapt to environmental changes.

Charles Fayal '16 (ENG), left, and Steven Graf '15 (BUS) take a break from assembling their Parrot MD devices.

Students’ Device Helps People Take Meds as Prescribed

Two undergraduates have developed a device that 'parrots' prescription instructions to help people in developing countries take their medications.

A personality test questionnaire, with Tarot cards and a crystal ball. (Yesenia Carrero/UConn Photo)

Friends’ Character Insights Contain Clues to Longevity

Researchers have found a clear link between longevity and personality based on character assessments by friends.

From There to Hear: Locating Sound Distance

Researchers at UConn Health have identified the mechanisms by which rabbits and humans recognize the distance of sound from its origin to the listener.