UConn Health Minute: Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer is hard to detect because it generally doesn’t cause any symptoms. As UConn Health endocrine surgeon Giao Phan explains, it’s important to pay attention to changes in your neck or throat because if found early, most thyroid cancers are highly curable.

Grateful Patient Survives Lung Cancer Due to Early Detection

“UConn is my hospital of choice, and I cannot say enough about Dr. Ibrahim and his team.” - Chris Ambrose

Preventing Death from Lung Cancer is the Goal of the Lung Cancer Screening Program at UConn Health

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer related death because so many patients are diagnosed at late stages when curing the disease is not possible. Many former and current tobacco users are unaware that a simple, annual low-dose CT scan can catch lung cancers early enough to achieve a cure. Dr. Ethan Bernstein and Dr. Electra Kaloudis, are in the process of evolving lung cancer screening at UConn Health into a subspecialized clinic that aims to reduce barriers to lung cancer screening.

Group portrait of staff wearing pink

UConn Health Wears Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A photo gallery of UConn Health staff from throughout the enterprise

UConn Health Nurse Beats Breast Cancer and Reminds Others to Get Their Mammogram

Shannon Egan, a nurse in the Internal Medicine Unit at UConn Health beat breast cancer because she found it early and now she advocates for others to make sure they get their annual mammogram. Early detection saves lives.

Dr. Kevin Staveley-O’Carroll Named Next UConn Health Chair of Surgery

Dr. Staveley-O’Carroll, an NIH-funded oncology surgeon-scientist, joins UConn this December.

A notepad showing the chemical diagram of the artificial sweetener aspartame next to a bowl of it.

Tackling the Aspartame Argument with a UConn Health Expert

Natalie Ranelli, registered dietitian in UConn Health’s Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center, weighs in on synthetic sweetener’s safety

Dr. Albertsen holding glass bowl in front of UConn Health sign

Patient Group Honors Dr. Peter Albertsen as Pioneer in Prostate Cancer Management

Chief and program director of UConn Health’s Division of Urology was an early advocate of active surveillance, originally an unpopular alternative to surgery and radiation in low-grade cancers

“Thank you UConn Health,” says longtime smoker and now lung cancer survivor Pellumb Medolli, 71, of East Hartford whose life was saved by a simple phone call from the UConn Health Leaders program student volunteers. He has stopped smoking and enjoying both his second chance at life and breathing fresh air!

UConn Student Makes Life-Saving Phone Call

'It’s hard to know over the phone if you are really making a difference or an impact on patient lives, but now I know'

Woman in pink bra representing breast cancer awareness month. (Annette Bunch/Getty Images)

Removing Human Error from Breast Cancer Detection

The Feature Fusion Siamese Network system uses artificial intelligence to compare two sets of films taken at two different time points for diagnosis, eliminating the need for manual comparison, saving time, and reducing the potential for mistakes