The UConn sign on Route 195 in Storrs.

UConn Research Enterprise Funding Surges to Record Levels

For the first time in University history, faculty researchers have won more than $300 million in sponsored program awards

A first edition of the book "Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral", by Phillis Wheatley. UConn historian Cornelia Dayton has unearthed documents that offer valuable insight into the poet's life.

History Professor Uncovers Missing Parts of a Prominent Life

Much has been learned about the later years of poet Phillis Wheatley Peters - thanks to Cornelia Dayton

Piglet in hay

UConn Researchers Testing Vaccine for Worldwide Swine Disease, PRRS

This promising approach to address a global porcine virus borrows lessons from HIV research

UConn Public Health Researcher Conducting Novel Pediatric Firearms Death Study

Amy Hunter is studying the racial and ethnic disparities associated with pediatric firearm deaths as well as the circumstances surrounding these incidents

An artist's rendering of the conditions during the End-Permian Mass Extinction, which wiped out nearly all life on earth.

Animals Died in ‘Toxic Soup’ During Earth’s Worst Mass Extinction, a Warning for Today

'The end-Permian is one of the best places to look for parallels with what's happening now'

UConn Researcher Investigating Right Hemisphere’s Role in Speech Perception

Emily Myers will lead a team of interdisciplinary researchers to investigate the largely unknown role the right brain hemisphere plays in speech perception.

From left to right: graduate students Brenda Milla, Maggie Khuu, and Jaseph Soto Perez, with Professor Dan Mulkey (Photo courtesy of Andre Jang).

Funding Graduate Students with Good Ideas Pays Off

Prestigious research grants help students devote themselves to exploring their theories

Concept with text Parkinsons Disease appearing behind torn brown paper with human brain drawing.

Researchers Show How Protein Clogs in Cellular Entrances Cause Parkinson’s Disease

'Traffic jams' that can lead to certain brain cell death

Robert T. Fahey outside the Young Building

Robert Fahey Appointed to Inaugural George F. Cloutier Professorship

Fahey will lead efforts to advance the stewardship of the UConn Forest and other forests around the state

Neag School Researcher Receives NSF, Google Grants to Improve Science Education

Todd Campbell has received grants from the NSF and Google to make next-generation science education more justice-oriented and accessible