Photo of a gloved individual holding a cannabis leaf

UConn to Host Cannabis Research Conference

Bringing together experts in plant science, law, health, and pharmaceutical sciences, UConn’s Cannabis Symposium aims to connect research with industry in this growing field

White pharmaceutical pills spilling from prescription bottle over American map. (Stuart Richie/iStock/Getty Images)

Patients’ Lived Experience Shapes Research for Young Adult Opioid Use Recovery

The Collaborative Hub for Emerging Adult Recovery Research (CHEARR) -- an NIH-funded project spearheaded by UConn Health’s Dr. Kristyn Zajac -- will unite patients, providers, and researchers to better support young people recovering from opioid use disorder

Camping tents

A Self-Cooling Tent that Runs on Just Water and Sunshine

An invention from UConn researcher Al Kasani makes camping in hot weather a breeze.

Elderly people and UConn students exercising

Exercise Class for People with Parkinson’s Disease Celebrates 10 Years

Since 2012, UConn and UConn Health physical therapists have hosted a weekly class to help people with Parkinson’s disease improve quality of life through movement

A small green laser beams off a series of receptors.

Four UConn Researchers Take DoD University Research Equipment Awards

The highly competitive Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP) funds cutting-edge research projects with potential to assist national defense

Wilbur Cross on a fall day on Oct. 15, 2019.

UConn Receives Inclusive Excellence Grant From Howard Hughes Medical Institute

The financial value of the $505,000 grant for UConn is over a six-year period

New Paper Presents Multifaceted View of Land Change through the Lens of Remote Sensing

A new paper by a group of UConn researchers represents an effort to overcome communication challenges and provide a new framework in the emerging field of land change science.

The Road(side) to a Thriving Native Ecosystem

UConn researchers are launching a project to plant native plant species along New England roadsides to support pollinators and biodiverse ecosystems.

From left, SmartBuildings CT program members Andre Jin, Eric Venables, Amy Thompson, Mohammed Albayati and Julia DeOliveira pose for a photo in the Innovation Partnership Building at UConn Tech Park

UConn Professor, Students Help Connecticut Towns Make Smart Energy Choices with SmartBuildings Program

'This is where people at UConn – researchers, professors, and even students – can really help communities'

A river flowing through a forest in the springtime.

Knowledge is Flowing: Connecting the Dots and Chipping Away at Modeling Uncertainty

'These two fields don't talk to each other much, but they can really help each other out'