Largest Research Grant in UConn History Awarded by the National Science Foundation

The largest grant in UConn’s history awarded to the UConn School of Medicine will create a Network for Advanced NMR, a powerful method for analyzing molecules.

UConn Engineer Develops Lab-on-Paper SARS-CoV-2 Diagnostic by CRISPR

Changchun Liu’s low-cost, easy-to-use device provides accurate results within an hour

UConn Researcher Performing Collaborative Research Assessing City Water Systems Resilience

Christine Kirchhoff is studying the effects of financial stress on decision-making by city government as it relates to essential services like drinking water.

Beach houses on Lake Michigan, lake erosion dangerously close to houses, half the beach is gone due to high water

Should We Stay or Should We Go? Shoreline Homes and Rising Sea Levels in Connecticut

How strategies to address rising sea levels could affect local taxes, home values, and other factors

a zoom

High School Students Exposed to UConn Chemistry Through Virtual Event

Students from Berlin High School didn't let COVID-19 get in the way of learning directly from UConn faculty

UConn Researcher Receives $2 Million from NIH to Understand Role of Non-coding RNAs in Drug Metabolism

UConn researcher Xiaobo Zhong is studying how long non-coding RNAs influence the body's ability to metabolize drugs.

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Summer Undergraduate Researcher Nicole Khusid ’22 (CLAS)

Khusid is energized by the opportunity to do research on the kinds of problems we don't have answers for yet

UConn Economist Studying Trends in Opioid-Related Deaths in CT, MA

UConn researcher Nathan Fiala is studying the connections between economic status and opioid-related deaths in Connecticut and Massachusetts through a USDA Hatch Grant.

UConn Researcher Working to Uncover Key to Cellular Mechanisms in Parasite

Aoife Heaslip has received a grant to study the molecular underpinnings of a parasite that can cause severe infections in people who are immunocompromised and babies.

Close up of Myrica gale plant

UConn Establishes NativeStar® Trademark for Novel Plants

Plant scientists have developed more attractive and manageable cultivars for landscaping in Connecticut