Meet the Researcher: Joseph Vazquez, CLAS

Joseph Vazquez is committed to conducting research that has a positive impact on the communities he works with.

Nurse Researcher Xiaomei Cong Receives the 2021 Virginia A. Henderson Award

Given by the Connecticut Nurses Association, the honor recognizes Cong's significant contributions to nursing research


Changes to Coastal Wetlands Could Be Altering Carbon Capture Capacity

This research will help scientists better manage this critical natural resource on a molecular level

High power electricity pylon above a city skyline. Sulfur hexafluoride is used to prevent fires in the electrical grid, but the gas is a major contributor to global warming, leading to a new research project to replace it.

New UConn Research Project Aims to Eradicate Use of Gas 25,200x More Harmful Than CO2

Working to create an electrical grid free of a potent greenhouse gas

Smiling woman near sheep

Investigating the Links Between Maternal Nutrition and Offspring Health

Animal scientist Kristen Govoni wins $25,000 from the OVPR Research Excellence Program (REP) to explore how maternal over-nutrition affects offspring liver function

UConn Immunology Researcher Unraveling Relationship Between Cytokines and Colorectal Cancer

Kepeng Wang is paving the way to better colorectal cancer treatments by interrogating the multifaceted relationship between cytokines and colon tumors.

UConn Health Recognized Nationally for Digital Advances in Ambulatory Tools

UConn Health’s successful deployment of technologies and strategies is being recognized nationally, and reflects meaningful clinical and efficiency outcomes.

Meet the Researcher: Maria Latta, Pharmacy

Through her research career UConn, Maria Latta is investigating how to make the pharmacy system more accessible and effective for everyone.

A younger man holds an older man's hands on a bed. UConn Health researchers have received a grant to investigate new methods of addressing health complications that come with aging.

Training the Next Generation of Health Providers and Scientists in Aging and Geroscience

National Institutes on Aging award reflects the growth and maturity of UConn's multidisciplinary aging research efforts and leadership in geroscience

Silhouette of a person exhaling. Pitt Hopkins syndrome is a rare condition that causes breathing problems in sufferers, and UConn researchers are working to understand it.

Rare Form of Autism Exhales Secrets of Breathing

Research that could one day mean a sigh of relief for sufferers of a rare syndrome