UConn Health Faculty and Students at the Inaugural Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation (TRHT) Research Day

The University of Connecticut celebrated its first cross-campus TRHT Research Day.

An illustration showing the planet Earth in the top portion of an hourglass.

Climate Change to Push Species Over Abrupt Tipping Points

Climate change is likely to abruptly push species over tipping points as their geographic ranges reach unforeseen temperatures

Bottom view of three professional doctors leaning over the patient and wearing medical masks while holding the anesthetic inhaler.

Anesthesia Can Cause Disturbing Sexual Hallucinations, Leading to Lasting Psychological Trauma

Having witnesses or recording devices during procedures requiring anesthesia could help prevent opportunities for sexual assault

Leila Daneshmandi and Armin Rad point at images on a computer screen in the Encapsulate lab in Farmington.

The Making of a UConn Startup

How “Encapsulate” co-founders went from the classroom to curing cancer in less than four years

Deer crossing yard in front of well.

White-tailed Deer Bones Give a Glimpse into Connecticut’s Past and May Help Inform a More Sustainable Future

'This contributes to broader discussions about how humans interact with their environment, and that there are ways that we can manage environments sustainably and interact with resources sustainably'

wide group portrait

Spotlight on Services: Clinical Research Center

The Lowell P. Weicker, Jr. Clinical Research Center at UConn Health provides dedicated space, expertise, and resources to promote research engagement

Image of Hartford skyline after dawn

UConn Geography Researcher Receives Funds to Study Cancer Disparities Among U.S. African Americans

The study will build upon previous studies conducted by Ghosh and her collaborators that have explored the ways social inequality contribute to unequal cancer control outcomes

Image of a leg in a cast

Healing Big Broken Bones With a Small Molecule

UConn Health scientists describe a new method that can promote regrowth of long bones more affordably and with fewer side effects than other techniques

Woman in pink bra representing breast cancer awareness month. (Annette Bunch/Getty Images)

Removing Human Error from Breast Cancer Detection

The Feature Fusion Siamese Network system uses artificial intelligence to compare two sets of films taken at two different time points for diagnosis, eliminating the need for manual comparison, saving time, and reducing the potential for mistakes

UConn Researcher Develops Environmentally, Economically Friendly Turf Grass Varieties

These genetically improved grasses have reduced mowing, fertilizer, and irrigation needs, reducing lawn grasses' impact on the environment and producing financial savings