Associate Professor of Physics Cara Battersby talks to attendees at a solar eclipse viewing on Horsebarn Hill in 2017. Her work uses high-performance computing to understand astronomical questions

The Study of Big Data: How CLAS Researchers Use Data Science

UConn researchers are using big data to attack issues of climate, space, genetics and public health

Nanotube bundles (yellow) containing RNA enter a cell. From left to right, the images show the endosomes (red) surrounding the nucleus (blue) of the cell begin to swell. Around the 3 hour mark, the endosomes burst and spill the RNA payload (green). The RNAs spread throughout the cell over the next two days.

Escape From the Endosome!

An innovative approach that prove valuable for developing new medicines

Pharmacy Graduate Students Sweep 2021 AAPS-NERDG Awards

UConn School of Pharmacy graduate students took the top three places for their oral presentations at Academic Research Award in the AAPS Northeastern Regional Discussion Group (NERDG) Annual Meeting April 16, 2021: First prize – Karishma Dhuri, Dr. Raman Bahal Lab Dhuri’s research focuses on developing novel therapeutics for lymphoma therapy, combining nucleic acid chemistry and […]

Neag School Researchers Developing Computational Thinking Unit for High School Biology Classes

As computational thinking becomes an increasingly important part of STEM fields, a group of researchers is developing a program to prepare high school students with these skills.

A woman holds her stomach.

Is the Secret to a More Effective COVID-19 Vaccine in Our Gut? A School of Nursing Researcher Hopes to Find Out

Wanli Xu wants to see how the nearly 100 trillion microbes in a person’s digestive system affect immunity induced by the COVID-19 vaccine.

UConn Researchers Study Anti-Vax Facebook Groups in Early Days of COVID-19 Pandemic

UConn researchers' work studying the activity of anti-vaccine groups on Facebook in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic holds important lessons for public health officials.

Turmeric Component May Help Improve Cholesterol, Lessen Statin Side Effects

Researcher Oh Sung Kwon is investigating if a central component in turmeric could improve cholesterol and reduce common side effects for cholesterol medicine

Nicole Wagner, CEO of UConn TIP company LambdaVision, works in the lab at the Cell and Genome Sciences Building in Farmington. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

UConn TIP Receives Premiere InBIA Randall Whaley Award and Prize

UConn TIP has received a prestigious recognition from the International Business Innovation Association.

Michael Copenhaver is working on two grants to improve outcomes for people who use drugs and are at a greater risk for HIV.

UConn Researcher Decreasing HIV Risk for People Who Use Drugs

Michael Copenhaver is working on two grants to improve outcomes for people who use drugs and are at a greater risk for HIV

A child in a fast food restaurant. Voluntary policies at fast food restaurants have not increased the likelihood that parents will purchase healthier meals for children, according to new research.

Study: Fast Food Restaurants’ Voluntary Healthy Meal Options for Children Unlikely to Result in More Nutritious Food Purchases for Kids

The research assessed purchases of healthier kids’ meals before and after policies were introduced at McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, and Subway