Research & Discovery

A group of UConn Nursing students hold up red paper hearts for Heart Health Awareness Month.

Heart Health Research Thrives in School of Nursing

UConn’s School of Nursing faculty and students are addressing heart health from many perspectives

The image of a cicada rendered in high definition.

Cicadas Visualized as Never Before Thanks to Inventive Collaboration

UConn is now home to some of the most detailed visualizations of cicadas available

Legislative Presentation

UConn Health: Putting Top Research into Medical Practice

UConn leadership, medical faculty present groundbreaking research techniques and innovations to legislative committee

Phone near a computer

Are ChatGPT Exercise Recommendations Just What the Doctor Ordered?

According to a new study, ChatGPT’s output provided only 41% of the content expected in a gold-standard exercise recommendation

Yangchao Luo of the Department of Nutritional Sciences in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources works in a laboratory in the Advanced Technology Laboratory

An Environmentally Friendly Way to Turn Seafood Waste into Value-added Products

'We are hoping we can turn this trash into a treasure'

A globe in a museum display case, with red pins marking locations.

Pandemic Journaling Project Archive Opens for Research

A repository of data detailing the personal experiences of more than 1,800 people living during the COVID-19 pandemic is available to researchers for the first time

Trees in autumn

The Many Lives of the UConn Forest

The UConn Forest consists of 2,100 acres of living laboratory and a natural classroom supporting academic, research, sustainability, and outreach programs

Composite image of 3d image of human brain.

Revolutionizing the Cell Mapping Process

UConn Assistant Professor of Physiology and Neurobiology Linnaea Ostroff takes an alternate approach to imaging multiple molecules in tissue samples, a process known as multiplexing

Open water ice formations

UConn Researchers Studying Multi-Year Arctic Sea Ice Before It Is Gone

'When you see something happening so fast, and know that we caused, it's a rude awakening'

Michael Invernale

UConn Senior Licensing Manager Wins Prestigious National Scholarship

Michael Invernale earned a scholarship in recognition of their exemplary level of creativity and innovation